Geophysical Surveys

Offering magnetic, electromagnetic and radiometric airborne survey methods.

airborne surveys

Our AS350B3 helicopter provides the best platform for a variety of airborne survey methods such as magnetic, electromagnetic and radiometric.  Able to mount the latest sensor systems to the airframe or slung below via long-line, our high-performance helicopter is capable of being fitted with the latest computer processing units, radar/laser altimeters, GPS positioning systems and pilot display units required for high quality data collection.

Tuckamore’s experienced team has worked with multiple international survey and exploration companies to help them safely and efficiently collect data by providing logistical support on the ground and in the air. Our pilots are up to date with a variety of aerial mapping and navigation systems and the flight profiles used when flying with high sensitivity arrays. They possess the precision flying skills required with this type of demanding flying and offer vast experience flying low-level in difficult terrain across North America.

Photo Credit: USEPA Region One (Erik Beck)

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